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Executor Ready is powered by ETP Canada.  They can provide hands-on support for when you need help from an estate administration specialist.

About ETP Canada

ETP Canada helps Executors interpret their role while providing hands-on support in estate administration.

Understanding the complexities in the field, our specialized consultants will also act as Professional Executors for your estate.
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Being asked to be an executor is a great honor, and we understand the duties from first hand experience.

We can provide you with on-going support so that you never feel alone throughout the administration of the estate.


It is the Executor’s responsibility to maintain the financial transactions of the estate.

We can provide you with properly prepared and formatted statements that you will be confident in presenting to the beneficiaries.

Professional Executors

Sometimes it may be difficult naming someone to be your Executor.

Upon qualifying, a consultant can be named as your Executor, giving you peace of mind that your estate’s administration is left in good hands.

“ETP Canada had a very compassionate nature, very patient, extremely knowledgeable, great ideas (things I had not thought of) and made me feel very comfortable with this whole experience.

I would recommend ETP Canada to anyone.”

"Managing an estate is challenging for many reasons, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is if you're even doing it the right way. Debbie takes that worrying out of the equation.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without her guidance."